MILK WAS A BAD CHOICE, Sun Valley Gun Club, Dancing Tongues, Coywolf, Schlotman
Wednesday, Mar 1st 8:00 pm

Mac Walker Presents
Sun Valley Gun Club Dancing Tongues Coywolf Schlotman


Milk Was A Bad Choice is returning to Haight Street on March 1st to showcase new music from the Bay and beyond! As always, this event is free with Eventbrite RSVP, or $10 day of show.

Sun Valley Gun Club

Sun Valley Gun Club is a Northern California band that has arguably listened to way too much Pavement. Known for “endearingly loose” guitar-rock (San Jose Metro) and wall-of-sound live shows, their second studio album finds the band expanding their references. The eponymous LP draws on decades of rock-and-roll as broad ranging as guitar tones lifted from 1960's psychedelia and folk rock; the concept albums of 1970’s art rock and an up-front, sometimes aggressive vocal delivery reminiscent of early 2000’s indie rock.

Dancing Tongues

Dancing Tongues is a trio from Los Angeles formed in the fall of 2015. Drawing influence from the creative approaches of the late 70's punk movements and mid-century modern art, the band plays minimal post-punk that is both danceable and energetic


Hailing from Oakland, Coywolf is a combination of players from different musical backgrounds that culminate into a sound that meets it's namesake. From from the sneaking quiet to the snarling loud. Coywolf is invading your cities.


Schlotman first came together in the winter of 2014 as a bi-coastal recording project between former members of WAG and Kal Marks. Now based solely in San Francisco, the band has moved far beyond its modest 4-track beginnings with the release of their debut 7” single, Oakland (included in the Bay Bridged Best of 2016) and the followup EP, Dog Save the Scene. With a reputation for high-energy live shows and songwriting that can swing from aggressive guitar hooks to delicate melodies in a matter of seconds, Schlotman has quickly gained a dedicated following in the Bay Area.