Jul 17th - STRIPMALL ARCHITECTURE, Silver Swans, Foreign Cinema
Saturday, Jul 17th 9:00 pm

the Milk Bar presents
Silver Swans Foreign Cinema


Stripmall Architecture
When their longtime band, Halou, came to an end in 2008 (during a US tour with indie legend Bob Mould), Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom regrouped quickly and launched their new project, Stripmall Architecture. Stripmall Architecture often achieves an almost opiate effect, combining the intricate electronics and fragile, fallen-angel vocals of Halou with layers of gauzy guitars - both warm and fuzzy and often quite loud and confrontational. There's a sort of dizziness to the recordings due mainly to the hypnotic basslines and the coalescence of the textures the band cleverly layers to create something quite complex that can't be fully taken in without repeat listens. While it can be difficult to find a single genre into which Stripmall Architecture fits snugly, the bulk of their varied, eclectic and impressively pedigreed material seems to fall somewhere within the vast universes of noisy indie rock and early-90s shoegaze (if you're thinking of something between the anthemic atmospherics of Sigur Ros and the spangled-pop of the Cocteau Tiwns, you're in the right neighborhood).

“Rebecca Coseboom's voice flutters around your head like a silky scarf and the whole is like a sonic manifestation of a romantic swoon…” (The Stranger, Seattle). Stripmall Architecture is currently performing live around the Bay Area while they finish up their first full-length album.

Silver Swans

Silver Swans
Silver Swans take their name from the group of super-villains in the Wonder Woman comics. The evil Swans have the ability to create a powerful “swan song” of sound waves using their voices that is capable of devouring a small area of land with its destructive force. By creating a low-level humming, the Silver Swan can also form a protective shield around herself to deflect bullets and other projectiles. The musical counterpart Silver Swans, however, are far from the evil and destruction of their namesake. The electro dream-pop project captures the eerie dramatics of The Knife and the syrupy darkness of Ladytron to build a dynamic, exultant sound all their own.

Silver Swans were recently selected 3 on "LIVE 105's TOP 10 NEW BAY AREA BANDS YOU SHOULD KNOW"

What Blaqk Audio is to AFI, Silver Swans are to SF faves LoveLikeFire.Silver Swans are a fantastic new local synth/dance side-project of Ann Yu, lead singer of LoveLikeFire, and its an incredible piece of haunting, hypotonic and dreamy electronic pop. (for fans of The Knife, LADYTRON and La Roux).
--Aaron Axelsen, Live105 Soundcheck

Foreign Cinema

Foreign Cinema Lights:

With a flicker of an 8mm reel, Foreign Cinema has created an audio visual soundtrack with influences cross pollinating elements of shoegaze, trip hop, and dub. The band’s noir sound balances light and dark, with ethereal warmth and interjected groove to create a romantically dark world guided by interpretive lyrics about the human condition.