MILK WAS A BAD CHOICE, Mourning Mountains, The Push, Outer District
Wednesday, Sep 6th 8:00 pm

Mac Walker Presents
Mourning Mountains The Push Outer District


Would ya look at that, it's almost September. But with another month storming through, we have another great lineup of live music for you to take in, free of charge! How 'bout that, huh? We are going full out, R-O-C-K in the USA with this next showcase, so get ready for some high energy rock and roller music!

Mourning Mountains

Self-described simply as 'experimental rock n' roll," Oakley-based four-piece Mourning Mountains sell themselves a bit short with such a succinct tagline. Their music is certainly experimental rock n' roll, but that's not all it is - it can be danceable, it can be heavy, it can be spacey enough for the stoners and boisterous enough for the drinkers and endlessly intriguing for serious indie rock aficionados who will try to scramble up sonic comparisons, maybe referencing the more raucous songs of Modest Mouse (the alliteration shared by both band names perhaps no small coincidence) or classic '80s post-punk.

The Push

The Push is a new project by Joe Warren, former guitarist of Bonnie and The Bang Bang. They are an aggressive rock outfit channeling The Black Crowes with gritty blues cuts fit for a smoky dive bar.

Outer District

Outer District is a post-garbage alternative dump rock band based in San Francisco, CA. Originally forming their musical bond in the shadow of Candlestick Park, the members of Outer District are longtime friends who come from a variety of backgrounds to create bracing yet thoughtful rock and roll noises. Drawing from a wide array of influences and genres, the band's original material tackles subjects such as urban sprawl, coastal erosion, and social unrest.