Thursday, Sep 28th 10:00 pm

the Milk Bar presents



This September we're bringing the heat with a doozy of a lineup. Some of the bay's most talented selectors will be putting their own twist on the groove each week along with GrooveWell residents signature House blend of disco, funk and boogie!

Come get loose... the dance floor awaits...

Free w/ RSVP B4 11pm:

Still can’t find that weekly unwind?
Think the Groove can’t be improved?

Join us every Thursday at Milk Bar for your new early weekend kickoff.

The GrooveWell squad specializes in creating a genuinely fun, eclectic atmosphere for those who like to dance and meet cool like-minded people. Our sound is as diverse as our crowd, mixing a signiture blend of House, Disco, Funk and Boogie.

Arrive early (8pm) and you'll be treated to #HellaFunny on Haight; the finest quality of local comedy in the Bay. Our combo of laughter and dance will get you vibing high!

Come approve the move, embrace the space,
And take part in making Haight St. the only place
to let your inner freak soak up the beat
with GrooveWell’s blend of savory and sweet! /


Mophono, who set out to master the machines that threatened to be the masters of men, was born in 1976 in the Bay Area. From his early childhood he showed a strong passion for science, math and music. He was to be an inventor/engineer, but music had the greater gravitational pull, and he finally devoted himself to electronic music.
Mophono aka DJ Centipede wanted “to take the mystery out of the legend that says electronic music is an art that is esoteric, exclusively reserved for a few initiates, an elite of avant-garde intellectuals and artists” he adds “it deserves to be raised to the level of popular music, a music designed for fun and relaxation” and so Circuit studios was born in Lower Haight, San Francisco for the experimental researches of Thug Jazz and Dirt Wave.
While electronic and sample based music matured In the nineties, so did Mophono’s career as the most successful experimental electronic dance music DJ in the bay area. Booked at many of the underground raves until April of 1998 when one Oakland warehouse dance floor collapsed during one of his epic DJ sets, ending an era and starting a new one. DJ Centipede aka Mophono then focused his attention on the growing bay area beat scene, perfected his production and beat juggling skills while promoting San Francisco’s most forward thinking events.
Since then Mophono has released two full length albums and a slew of singles giving birth to two new genre’s Thug Jazz and Dirt Wave and a new standard in the record industry called Skip on Beat.
Inspired by 60’s psyche and experimental electronic music, Mophono Is known for his destructive drum breaks and heavy and orchestral instrumental compositions. With his legendary “Change the Beat” party in San Francisco, Mophono is so deep in the beat culture melting pot he is stirring it. Performing live on Boiler Room with long time partner Gaslamp Killer and sharing the stage with DJ Shadow, Flying Lotus, Amon Tobin, Edan, DJ Food, DJ Krush, Dabrye, Diplo and De La Soul with his Skip on Beat records, drum machines and moogs, Mophono intends to set a new standard in live electronic music performance.