Aug 20th - Excuses for Skipping, The Cliks, Killola, Hunter Valentine
Friday, Aug 20th 8:30 pm

Milk Bar and MOB Agency Present:
Excuses for Skipping
The Cliks Killola Hunter Valentine

Excuses for Skipping

Excuses for Skipping are a San Francisco indie rock quartet whose 2007 debut Out of Work Early has earned them a bevy of strong reviews for its mix of spacey experimental elements and thick soaring melodies. The album showcases a strong control of both dynamics and layering, as the band can use powerful stacked vocal harmonies and guitars just as well as it can deconstruct those textures into compelling moody pieces. Their catchy, dense rock is both familiar and unplaceable and comes from a willingness to experiment with styles drawn from their diverse musical backgrounds, and frequently inspired by their other artistic interests. While the band arises out of something of a songwriting experiment for guitarists Tammy and Linda, the addition of bassist Wendy and drummer Ezekiel have added a dancier feel now reflected in the band’s frequent and well-received live shows at local clubs, house parties, and street festivals. After finishing up a Southwest tour with local favorites, Jeepster--that culminated in a blistering performance at SXSW’s Gay bi Gay Gay festival--they are now back in the studio recording their second album, due for release in Spring of 2010. Las Vegas Weekly says: Imagine if Kevin Shields had produced The Go-Go’s and you’ve got some idea where this Bay Area-based, all-female quartet is coming from. Lush, shoegazey backdrops envelop bubblegum-pop hooks on enjoyable (if slightly ephemeral) tunes.

The Cliks

It’s been said that every generation needs a new revolution. Lucas Silveira’s revolution began with a fearless attitude that embraced radical change. Lucas founded The Cliks in 2004 when his musical identity shifted from being a solitary singer/songwriter to an all out rock n’ roll front man. This shift reflected a vision he had carried his entire life and had now found a vehicle for. After six years, two major record label releases (Snakehouse 2006/Dirty King 2009), international successes, multiple line up changes, major tours (True Colors 2007/2008, The Cult 2007/2008), TV appearances, awards (MTV Logo New Now Next Artist On The Brink, Chart Attack Pole 2009- Sexiest Man In Canda), breaking societal boundaries, and praise from his musical peers, (Cyndi Lauper, Margaret Cho, and The Cult’s Ian Astbury) it became clear that the only constant in The Cliks was Lucas. His courageous attitude, rock star energy and progressive approach to self-determination have created an ever changing musical identity that encourages all outsiders to feel a sense of connection, belonging and mutual respect between audience and performer. Unphased by life’s transitions and struggles, Lucas has forged ahead by continuing to fulfill his vision of The Cliks. Now traveling with a variety of guest performers, Lucas spearheads The Cliks’ with the kind of attitude, grit and raw energy that has been compared to the likes of Green Day’s Billie Joe, Joan Jett and Chrissie Hinde of The Pretenders. When you come to see The Cliks, you don’t just come to see a rock band. You come to see a social and musical movement in progress.


Killola have been making rock music as a surgical-unit since 2003. Some call it "alt-pop", some call it "hard rock".

Hunter Valentine

Blasting out their inimitable rock since the summer of 2004, Hunter Valentine has blossomed, establishing a devoted fan base via their self-financed eponymous 2005 EP and building on that foundation with their 2007 full-length The Impatient Romantic (True North Records). Razing crowds from coast to coast in their decrepit van, nailing select European and U.S. Cities over the course of 200-plus shows, the trio has garnered an international fan base as they build out of their native Canada. Hunter Valentine are now poised to break through with their gripping follow up Lessons From the Late Night (Tommy Boy/Fontana/Universal).