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Bio For Curt Yagi:
San Francisco based singer songwriter Curt Yagi has been on a tear through the Bay Area music scene. The 2008 Best of the Bay Singer Songwriter (SF Bay Guardian) and RAW San Francisco Musician of the Year had his song "Sweep Me" included on the very popular KFOG Local Scene 8 CD in the Bay Area. Curt and his full band, The People Standing Behind Me, are always-engaging to the crowd and bring a blend of upbeat acoustic rock with hints of reggae and ska for an island-inspired sound.

"People keep comparing him to other artists, but I think he just sounds like Curt Yagi, and that is plenty good enough. This is one excellent singer and songwriter." - Ben Fong-Torres, former Senior Editor, Rolling Stone

"Hearing one of Curt Yagi's original songs from his Close My Eyes (March 2011) album for the first time is like going for a walk in the woods and finding a unicorn." - S. Lee - Goldsea

"I've played through this CD quite a few times and each time I play through it I'm more and more impressed with how well Curt's musicianship, writing, and arrangements have progressed." - Mike Cavanaugh, All Access Magazine

Multi-instrumentalist Curt Yagi has been making the rounds at local venues, strumming with the swagger of Lenny Kravitz and the lyrical prowess of Jack Johnson. - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"A talented songwriter who sings -- like Kenny Loggins." - San Francisco Chronicle

Emily Zisman Bio:
Emily Zisman is an unapologetic storyteller of the contemporary woman’s experience. She uses unabashed honesty and humor to punctuate the complexity of the entire escapade. Emily found her way to songwriting as an outlet for her struggles when she was studying to be an actress in New York City. Over time, she realized that songwriting and sharing her personal stories connected her more closely to her community than her attempts to be an actress. The more raw and candid her songs were, the more people seemed to be drawn in. So, she packed up and moved back to California to pursue writing more studiously. Hilarity and devastation continue to ensue, and so in turn does she.

Songwriting, for Emily, is a meditative practice. Rather than starting with a structure or an external idea, it starts small, hidden, and is uncovered with reverent care, like a dinosaur bone. The stories have always been there, and they aren’t necessarily only hers. They’re everywhere, always, hidden in our histories, just waiting to be discovered.

Through songwriting, Emily seeks to foster healing and sincere connection by writing instinctually. She writes songs that excavate shame and shine a light on the goodness and humor buried under each painful moment.

When asked what she hopes to gain from her practice, Emily replies, “Trough my practice of writing and performance, I want to inspire others to dig deep and express the truest and most hidden parts of themselves. I believe that only in our vulnerable processes, can we truly reach one another. Connection fosters collaboration, collaboration fosters community, and community changes everything.”

In 2009, Emily Zisman released her debut album Naked Day Alone in which she unfolds little glimpses into the inner workings of her mind with unapologetic honesty. Bringing her soulful voice to folk-Americana music once again, Emily Zisman returned in 2014 with her second self-released album Weeds & Wildflowers. With her heart firmly rooted in the Bay Area, Emily is currently performing throughout California in support of this release. She is planning to release her third album in 2018 in conjunction with a tour of the Pacific Northwest in the next few months.

In addition to her solo work, Emily Zisman is part of the electronic duo Chance’s End, a violin-electronica project with her longtime collaborator, violinist Ryan Avery. Emily is also an in-demand vocalist, performing regularly around the San Francisco Bay Area with groups such as Jazz Collective, The Americano Social Club, and the funk/soul band Grand Avenue Soul.

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