Oct 8th - CHiPS, Altars
Friday, Oct 8th 9:00 pm

Life/Style and Penny Arcade present


Life/Style, Penny Arcade and the Milk Bar are absolutely jazzed to bring you CHiPS!!! The premiere of our live music/DJ/dance collaboration. Join the radness on Friday, October 9th as we celebrate, in full party mode, our opening night featuring the delectable live synth dance melodies of ALTARS at 10pm. Absolutely thrilled to have em at our first night! Then stay on the dance floor as TS and Roll spin their own blend of feel rad get awesome dance music mayhem - from indie to soul, rock to glam...snack on that and join us...you will have a blast!

Life/Style and Penny Arcade
Opening Night Party!!!
with Djs TS and Roll
spinning indie disco glam rock retro nuggets
plus special live guest!

Friday, October 8th 9pm $5 21+
at Milk Bar 1840 Haight SF


Altars was born in a lonely garret of a college at Oxford University where Bertie was studying theology. Left alone with only a Bible, the collected works of Kierkegaard and an analog synth, Bertie composed moody electronic instrumentals. One a stormy night in a Korean Karaoke bar in San Francisco’s Japan Town Mall, Bertie heard Melanie belt out jam after jam by Brandy, Monica, and little Kim. The more he listened, the more his radiant smile grew and he knew that they had to work together. Melanie’s sultry crooning brought an earthy, around the way sensibility to Bertie’s beats and synth lines and the two decided to record a few songs in a studio. Nearly a year to the day later, they met local surf-poet and motorcycle enthusiast Brendan Brehm browsing for records in a thrift store. When the three discovered a mutual love of philosophy, astronomy and the Silver Apples, they realized that they had no choice: they had to form a band. Altars was born, and a month later they played their first show at Grace Cathedral to a packed church of Synthpoppers, Chillheads and assorted Anglican Brethren