Oct 10th - The Blakes, Nylon Heart Attack, Chambers
Sunday, Oct 10th 8:00 pm

Milk Bar Presents:
The Blakes
Nylon Heart Attack Chambers

The Blakes

The Blakes, praised by Pitchfork for their "swampy guitars, twitchy rhythms and power pop vocal harmonies", recall the stinging catchiness of early Who, Kinks, and other spitfire rock bands.
There's a fine line between inspiration and imitation and as The Blakes have shown in their brief career, they know exactly how to keep on the good side of the equation. Although their debut album was steeped in Detroit style Rock 'N' Roll, they were able to avoid The Iggy imitator trap by mixing in more modern sounds along with their take on fiery, Detroit style Rock 'N' Roll. On "Basket," a new track taken from a recent iTunes Session, The Blakes have left the Motor City, for a more Southern oriented sound, much like the Stones did with their interpretations of American country and roots music. While "Basket" may inspire that immediate connection to The Stones, The Blakes safely steer clear of imitation, and make this mid tempo groove all their own. MP3: The Blakes - Basket "Basket" appears with a handful of other new tracks by The Blakes on their recently released iTunes Session.

Nylon Heart Attack


In the wake of their former band's break-up, Gareth Lloyd and Adam Beck began a new project, Chambers, to explore their more unusual interests - such as outer space, handmade electronics, ambient soundscapes and ancient civilizations - that they were unable to accomplish within the traditional guitar, bass, drums format. Assembling a montage of keyboards, Kaoss Pads, samplers, spare drums, self-made effects and circuit bent Casio's, they enlisted the help of Dawn Hillis, Jeremy Sullivan and Sarah Melfy in order to create songs crossing genres they had never previously explored. With band member resumes referencing Bay Area heavyweights like Death of a Party (Double Negative), The Holy Kiss (GSL), Red Voice Choir (Hungry Eye), Make Me, and The Parties (Rainbow Quartz), they have positioned themselves deep within the Bay Area's scattered music scene. Considering themselves equally musicians and sound designers, the timbre of their music has inspired them to combine multiple diverse genres, ranging all the way from trashy math-rock to dreamy ambient pop and retro-futuristic disco, while keeping a heavy rhythmic and melodic core to ground them in a unified direction. ..