Oct 14th - The Actors, Vanimal (PDX), Spiro Agnew
Thursday, Oct 14th 8:00 pm

The Actors
Vanimal (PDX) Spiro Agnew

The Actors

...Blending synths with guitars and drums, The Actors write reverb-laden songs with strong melodies and swaying beats. Defying indie blogwave convention, all of The Actors' electro-tinged songs are played live by hand - no programming, loops or Ableton anywhere. Their latest EP, "High and Low," is rooted in the emotion and tunefulness of The Cure, The xx, Kraftwerk, and LCD Soundsystem.

"It’s hard not to love this heavy synth retro-pop. Awesome stuff..." - smokeDONTsmoke, September 2010

"What makes this EP a bit different...is the depth of the record. The vocal melodies are wonderfully structured while the vast variety of keyboard and basslines are layered perfectly...one dance party not to miss." - See The Leaves, September 2010

Vanimal (PDX)

"Vanimal may be one of Portland’s newest outfits in the electronic scene, but you’d never guess it. This band in a nutshell: summer fun. For those about to dance, summer is (finally!!!!) here. And yes, Vanimal is on the soundtrack. Need we say more?" - Oregon Music News

Spiro Agnew

Perhaps best described as a fusion of the noisy fuzz-guitar of The Jesus and Mary Chain and the synth-pop of New Order, Spiro Agnew is an exploration of noise and feedback-heavy music grounded with a foundation in electronica. Written and recorded over the course of 2010 by songwriter Alex Musto, Spiro Agnew's debut album" OH What Model Citizens We Be" might well be heard as a meditation on love, politics, and the friction between. Juxtaposing heavily distorted noise-guitar with tender synthesizer tones, "OH What Model Citizens We Be" begs a close ear to dissect the layers of sound, while daring hips not to shake to the beat.