This is one of the BEST bars in SF. Every night there's either an amazing band on tour or a world renown comedian trying out new material before a set. This is the spot they will talk about in 10 years as the nursery where a lot of major entertainers made their mark. This is Second City and Holy City Zoo mixed with the I-Beam and Nightbreak booked by Bill Graham himself. This is where you see entertainers in their natural element. No other venue in SF sources talent like this club. Word to the wise, take pictures, no one will believe you saw XX when they were just coming up. Pictures worth their weight in gold. Believe me.

I LOVE the bartenders, managers, and audio engineer. They're individually unique yet all have the same goal, to create an amazing experience. (Of course if you're a dick, you'll be treated as such.Word of caution if you cant handle your liquids, need your IPA in a sippy cup or need someone to hold your hair while you prove you cant handle your liquids, stay in the Triangle. Y'all fuck up a good vibe with your insecure conformities and adulating issues). This is a bar for kind hearted imbibers intent on seing bands that in 5 years may sweep the Grammys or daring to have their funny bone tickled by the next SNL cast member.

Go. I promise you'll have an amazing time. - Yelp / 2019